camper area automation

Autonomous visitor registration, payment and access control

Manage ad-hoc arrivals and reservations

Integrated marketing tools

Fast and easy to implement

Specific for private and public camper areas

More effective and more versatile than a payment terminal!

Camper area in Landen Belgium
camprea for
commercial camper areas
camprea for
public camper areas
with camprea visitors can register and pay for their stay on a camper area

Simple and straightforward

Visitors scan a QR code and register in the app when they arrive.

If the site is payable, visitors also enter the duration of stay and pay online.

The visitor choses and registers a free pitch or the app can assign a pitch

An optional smart camera reads and stores all entries and exits.

Optionally connect a barrier or gate, automate access to electricity, water or other services

Visitors do not need to install an app or have any kind of membership. They get the dialog in their language.

Interaction with camper area visitors

Camper tourists can get a reminder when the maximum stay is almost reached and/or a suggestion to extend their stay

Provide information on events, cultural venues or local commerce

Use discount vouchers to promote arrangements and events or to collaborate with other commerces

Let visitors order bread or reserve a rental bike

Notify visitors in case of emergencies like flood threat

camprea allows more creativity in the interaction with camper area clients!

camprea allows interaction between camper area customers and camper area operators

Achieve more!

Camprea allows full autonomous operation so you can save time and focus on other tasks that will increase your results!

Show real-time availability

Attract more visitors by showing them there is space available! Or avoid unnecessary traffic driving to your site when it is already full. Camprea provides the real-time availability that can be embedded in your website or shown on the free camprea app.

Improve customer experience

When they arrive on your camper area, visitors register themselves in minutes with their license plate and provide other info required by you or by law. They choose the number of days and services like electricity and pay online. No need to keep a reception desk open or to install a payment terminal. Visitors don’t have to queue anymore or wait in front of a closed reception.

Get notified when there is an issue

Who can better and faster detect issues like a leaking water tap or a clogged drain than the people who use it? Visitors can use the app to report a problem. This greatly eliminates the need for checkups when there is nothing to fix. And you provide a better customer experience at the same time!

public camper area

The benefits of a camper area without the problems?

Camprea is a very cost-effective solution to manage PAID AND FREE camper areas with many options

Remotely manage both free and paid camper areas

Interact with your visitors and improve customer experience

Promote your events or additional services

Facilitate maintenance

Improve safety and prevent vandalism or theft

public camper area
camprea has been specifically designed for camper area automation

Dedicated for camper area management

Most -if not all existing- camper area solutions are actually modified tools, initially conceived for other purposes like ports, parking automation, camping, hotel or port management. Some app solutions are commercial networks with their own objectives that not necessarily align with your goals.

Camprea has been specifically designed from the ground up for private and public camper areas. The app is your app, it automates and promotes your camper area and your branding.

Whether you need to make a camper area fully autonomous and unmanned, or offer your visitors a fluid check-in experience and more convenience while you have more time for other things, camprea is the right solution for your camper area.

Economically priced

Camprea costs only a fraction of other solutions. No payment terminal and even a barrier is only optional .

Easy to install

Onboarding is easy and done in a couple of hours. Camera verification is optional. Use existing cameras or install one with our help.

Communicate clearly

Visitors have easy access to information and they get notified when they need to leave or extend their stay.

24/7 support in four languages

Our helpline is there to help your visitors when you are unavailable. And we are also there to assist you.