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convenience and security on camper areas

What is camprea

Camprea allows private and public operators of camper areas to make it easy for you, the camper traveler, to register a stay or booking on their camper area. This applies for free (public) and for paid (public and private) sites. The advantage for you is that the camper area becomes safer, better managed and more attractive. And you don’t have to lose time waiting at a reception desk either.

Why is it required to register, even on a free camper area?

Even if the camper area is free, registration is mandatory. There are many reasons that vary from increasing security, helping the environment by avoiding traffic to improving your experience on this camper area. Your data is safe, cannot be used for any other purpose and will not be sold to third parties.

Avoid abuse by long stayers on free areas

Most regular camper tourists are familiar with the biggest frustration on popular free or cheap sites: People that stay much longer than intended. They occupy places that could be for for regular tourists and sometimes even consider the whole camper area as their territory. Visitors are often intimidated by the presence of long stayers.

Camprea helps avoiding this kind of abuse by sending a notification to visitors who exceed the maximum stay period so they are aware. When it turns out they are clearly and willingly ignoring the maximum stay condition, the operator or local authority is automatically notified and can intervene of even fine the abusers.

Help keep the camper area functional and attractive

Very often, operators are not aware that something is not working on the site, or that the site is being used as party location by the local party gang. The camprea app allows you to signal a problem directly to the operator. It gives you an easy way to report issues like a broken water tap or other issues. This feature can only be used for general issues. It cannot be used to complain about specific other visitors.

Check if a camper area has free places before you drive there

Because people register on the area, we can calculate how many places are occupied or free, and when the area is fully occupied. You can consult this information on the camper area website and/or on the communal tourist info website (not all areas offer this possibility yet).

An easy way to pay

If the site is not free of charge, camprea also offers you a very convenient way to pay for your stay. You can pay via your usual banking app, a QR-code, or credit card. On some sites you can also select extra services like electricity.

Order bread or a rental bike

Being able to order a bread for the next morning, even when you forgot it and you’re already in bed, is handy, no? In the camprea app you can send your order to the owner, or make a reservation for a rental bike or other services. Check in the app if this area offers this service.

Get notified in case of emergency

Because you are registered you can get a notification in case of an emergency, for example a fire or flood hazard in the region. It is good to know that at least someone knows you are there and can reach out in case of urgency. This can also serve for less catastrophic types of events, like a reminder that you need to free the place for the weekly market.

Find information

Operators can provide information about nearby local events or cultural venues that you can consult in the app. They can also use this feature to promote events with a discount code.

Participate in the Clean Camp Initiative

Most camper tourists already know and apply the “Leave No Trace” principle. But that does not take care of existing litter left behind by others. Also, the corona crisis remains visible by the enormous amounts of face masks swirling around in nature.
We can take our commitment a step further by not only leaving nothing behind, but by systematically collecting a very small amount of litter when we stay somewhere.

Some (more and more) camper areas reward this by offering a discount (sometimes up to 100%) to those who commit to participate in this initiative. Camprea supports this by providing the required functionality and the channel to sensitize people.
It is very easy and very satisfying! Go for a walk, take a small trash bag with you and collect some items. On an average small site, if all visitors collect 10 pieces of litter, more than 10.000 pieces of litter will disappear every year!

Extra features planned later this year

Future versions of camprea will include even more possibilities. For some sites we consider the possibility to make reservations. Other planned features are the ability to activate and deactivate the electricity yourself, so you only pay for what you really use.

We need your help!

We want Camprea to be a solution that continues to get better all the time. And we also need to create awareness and get known. Do you like the concept and do you know a camper area that could really benefit from camprea? Do you have suggestions for improvement?
Let us know!