automation for unmanned public camper areas

The benefits of camper tourism in your town, without the issues!

Local authorities often have concerns managing camper tourism on their territory

Every camper in the area brings on average 75 euro per day in the local economy. This is a significant benefit for the local economy. But there are also concerns.

Unauthorized wild camping

Excessive use – people staying longer than permitted

Theft in campers, vandalism and litter

No proof of local economic return of designated camper areas

Excessive traffic when the area is already full

Seasonal differences (allow/disallow certain periods)

Some communes consider making the area paid to address these problems. But this used to require a manned operation or an payment terminal and barrier, which is in both cases very expensive.

Other municipalities simply install bans on campers or height barriers. But the legal grounds for this are increasingly being successfully challenged. Moreover, this does not serve the local economy and presents a very negative image.

Camprea solves these problems in a simple and effective way while maintaining the benefits.

wild camping campers
camprea for public camper area

No payment terminal or barrier required. Guests register and pay after scanning a QR-code.

Show real-time availability

Avoid unnecessary traffic driving to your site when it is already full. Camprea provides the real-time availability that can be embedded in your website or shown on the free camprea app.

Help local events or commerce

Inform visitors on local commerce or cultural venues. Tell them where and when is the local market. Or guide them to your tourist office website.

Convenient registration and payment

Visitors scan a QR-code and register and pay for their stay in a multilanguage web-app that immediately appears after scanning. There is no need to install an app or to have any kind of membership. All common payment methods and debit/credit cards are supported. Wifi-codes or other access codes can be automatically sent by email or sms.

Get notified when there is an issue

Who can better and faster detect issues like a leaking water tap or a clogged drain than the people who use it? Visitors can use the app to report a problem. This greatly eliminates the need for checkups when there is nothing to fix. And you provide a better visitor experience at the same time!

Avoid long stayers on free camper areas

It is a well known problem and probably the biggest frustrations of camper tourists and towns: people that do not respect the maximum stay period.
They sometimes occupy camper pitches for weeks and keep regular tourists away.

Camprea solves this problem on different levels:

  1. By notifying visitors that their maximum stay has been reached. This also creates awareness that an excess stay will be noticed and could be sanctioned
  2. By notifying the operator of the area when a visitor exceeds the maximum period with more than a definable grace period
camprea enforces maximum stay period

camprea is for paid and free camper areas

Camprea is the most economical and most performant solution for camper area management, registration and payment. And we have specific contract models for public instances.

24/7 phone assistance for visitors

Since Covid-19 we are all used to QR codes and registration processes. But some visitors still might not have a smartphone or have difficulties understanding the process. We can provide 24/7 phone assistance in 4 languages to help registering these visitors.

fast and easy to implement

Implementing camprea can be a matter of hours. When you sign up, we will assist you and provide you with templates for the infopanel lay-out and optional camera set-up. We can also do the set-up for you.

you can also choose to leave it all to us

If preferred, we can take care of everything and operate the site on your behalf. Fixed fee for free sites, and for paid sites you get up to 90% of the site revenue paid on your account. We can also help you find and assist an independent entrepreneur to operate your site.