About us

Being passionate technology entrepreneurs and camper travelers, we observed the difficulties with public and private motorhome areas firsthand.

Local governments struggle with many aspects of public motorhome tourism on their territory, like the cost, abusive use or vandalism, trash, the justification of the local economic return and so on.

Private camper area owners struggle with the choice between staffing a reception desk or the significant investment in physical barrier and payment terminal and the associated maintenance costs. Rising energy prices make the business case challenging and increase the need for smart energy solutions.

Camper tourists want convenience; they don’t like to wait in front of a reception or complex systems where they need to affiliate first or install yet another app.

With camprea, we provide an innovative solution to manage camper areas in a more efficient and user-friendly way that costs less than half the price of any other camper area automation solution. And on top of that, the owner get a full toolset to enhance the customer experience of visitors and to increase the results.

Our mission

Provide motorhome tourists and private or public camper area operators with smart and low-cost solutions that improve customer experience and that contribute to sustainable camper tourism.

Why is it (now) possible?

Innovative use of technology

We use the latest existing technology in an innovative way in a traditional environment. Camprea uses high-end technology to make things simple for you and your customers. Only since a few years this is possible and so affordable that it becomes much cheaper than legacy systems.

People are ready

Since the Covid-19 crisis, people and especially travelers are fully accustomed to using smartphones and QR codes as information source and registration method. Opening restaurant menus, or renting a shared step or bike with a QR code is common now. People don’t want to wait in front of a reception or go through complex and lengthy reservation procedures.

Camper areas become mature

The time where a camper area was a plain field with a water tap is over. Camper tourists are economically important, they want convenience and camper area operators acknowledge this. Camper area operators become managers with a vision on the experience and the image they want to give to their visitors.