camprea automation for private camper areas

Lower your costs and increase your revenue

camper area
camprea camper area management

Convenience for you and your customers

Easy registration and payment for your customers

Visitors register in less than 5 minutes when they arrive. They can pay with any usual payment method, like credit or debit card or a local system like Maestro or Ideal

Offer more service

You can offer services like bread delivery or bike rental within the app. This allows customers to order whenever and wherever, independent of your presence.

Promote your events or partner events

You can send any kind of message to all the customers while they reside on your site, like announcing an event or other promotion.

camprea is the most affordable and fastest way to camper area automation and an autonomous camper area

Camprea works with a low monthly subscription and a fee per received payment. Implementation is a matter of hours and can be done by yourself, with or without our help.

24/7 phone assistance for your visitors

Since Covid-19 we are all used to QR codes and registration processes. But some visitors still might not have a smartphone or have difficulties understanding the process. We can provide 24/7 phone assistance in 4 languages to help registering these visitors when you are not on site. Your reception is now always open!

fast and easy to implement

Implementing camprea is a matter of only a couple of hours. When you sign up, we will assist you through the whole process in a 2 hours online meeting and provide you with templates for the infopanel lay-out. Install an optional camera yourself with our help. Or start without and decide later if you need a camera.

tools to increase your revenue

Camprea costs a fraction of other solution and offers unique added value: automated and ad-hoc interaction with your visitors, in both directions. This creates countless opportunities to increase your revenue, to retain visitors longer and to improve their customer experience. Make your camper area more professional.